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I am using this Blog to talk about my Web Site - Scott's Northern Party 1911-1913 - - and about items of interest relating to it. From time to time, as I find new material, I will update the existing web pages. When this happens, I shall use this Blog to let you know of significant changes.


New pages posted on the web site.

Start for Wood Bay.

This posting  consist of seven pages describing the first days sledging on 9 January 1912.  Included are two maps the first  published in 1913 and the second a modern map showing what Campbell thought was the ‘Melbourne’ Glacier. These are followed by recent (1982) aerial photo of Hell’s Gate area and Campbell sketch of the panorama from the  Nansen range, Priestley Glacier around to Browning Pass.

Have a look and  let me know what you think - post a comment

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