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I am using this Blog to talk about my Web Site - Scott's Northern Party 1911-1913 - - and about items of interest relating to it. From time to time, as I find new material, I will update the existing web pages. When this happens, I shall use this Blog to let you know of significant changes.


New Posting—Canwe to the Boomerang.

So far, I have posted on my  ‘Scott’s Northern Party’ site the background to Campbell’s Northern Party Terra Nova Bay/Evans Cove  adventures.  I have covered the trip from Cape Adare to their landing at Evans Cove and the establishing of a base depot at Hell’s Gate on 8 January, 1912.  The last posting, the first day of their summer sledging, described  the  9 January sledging from Hell’s Gate up passed Vegetation Island.
Now just posted is the next three days, 10-12 January, where they pass Cape Canwe, turn into  the Browning Pass(Melbourne Gl.) and find the Boomerang Glacier.

In preparing these postings I had an interesting time locating the originating point of some of the photos and sketches used.  In will post, to this blog, my results and hope you find them as interesting.

Work in progress:
  1. Boomerang to Boomerang—13-19 January, 1912.
    Moving further up ‘Melbourne Glacier’—finding no way ahead—returning.
  2. Climbing the Boomerang—20- January, 1912.
    Two parties—Campbell and Priestley—climbing to look for a route to Wood Bay.
  3. Boomerang to Sastrugi—21-23 January, 1912.
    No way through—head back down the ‘Melbourne Glacier’—Campbell west side—Levick east side.
  4. Waiting for Levick’s Party—24-26 January, 1912.
    A few days surveying—rock collecting—waiting for Levick’s party.

Now for a little housekeeping—I have been very lucky that one of the residents at my Retirement Village is editing my writing. This is not always before posting, but his corrections are made. David helps to keep the grammar and style on track.  Sorry he doesn’t check this Blog.

 Don Webster

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