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I am using this Blog to talk about my Web Site - Scott's Northern Party 1911-1913 - - and about items of interest relating to it. From time to time, as I find new material, I will update the existing web pages. When this happens, I shall use this Blog to let you know of significant changes.


New Web site launched

Hi everyone.
 After a long wait, I am now ready to continue the story of Campbell and the Northern Party.   It has been a while I know. I didn’t fully understand what I was letting myself in for.  As I say in my introduction on the web site:
This is the first time, I had tried this type of work; I was an Electronic Technician and then a Computer Scientist during my working life.  I decided to practice by initially looking at what I thought was a small part of the story.  I concentrated on the March/February 1912 sledging in the Terra Nova Bay region.  Their prelude to being abandoned was meant to be six weeks exploring and map making exercise, and I thought this should not take long--how wrong I was.  I had no idea how much work is entailed with reading, note taking, writing (rewriting), and referencing.  Not to mention the collection of photographs, maps, drawings.  The understanding of what I was looking at.  Nevertheless, I soon learned.
However, I have struggled and have now set up a web site using Google Sites where the story will unfold (without too many delays).
I will use this Blog site to talk about the Web Site and about items of interest relating to it.  From time to time, as I find new material, I will update the existing web pages.  When this happens, I shall use this Blog to let you know of significant changes.
The site will open with over two dozen pages published with a linked glossary explaining place names,  terms, and people. I have tried to keep the page size to one screen to prevent having to scroll endlessly down the screen. Navigation is via a list of Contents in a panel on the right of the main screen. Once in a new section you can continue using Content's panel to navigate the associated pages or use the next/previous the Links at the bottom of each page.
Whenever  I use a new place, name, or term it will appear in the text as a hyperlink to a Glossary page with an explanation. The glossary is organised alphabetically with all words starting with a specific letter on a separate page.  Hence when the place name Terra Nova Cove first appears the link will take you to Glossary-T  the page with all words and phrases stating with T.  When on this page navigate down to Terra Nova Cove to see the explanation.  Once finished use the Browser’s return button at the top left hand corner of the screen to return to the page that you were reading.
At the moment the web site has the following sections:
1.       Foreword
2.       Introduction.
3.       Where were they?
Maps showing the areas in the Ross Sea where this story took place.
4.       Who where they?
How the Eastern Party came about, the selection of the team, and photographs of the six members.
5.       The Adventure Begins.  (Jan 1911)
How the Eastern Party became the Northern Party Or not being able to land King Edward VII Land they eventually land at Cape Adare
6.       Cape Adare.  (Feb 1911-Jan 1912)
Twelve months at Cape Adare, their seven sledging expeditions, and what they learnt.
7.       Terra Nova Bay. (Jan 1912)
Sailing from Cape Adare looking to land a Wood Bay for six weeks sledging. Instead landing at Evans Cove and setting up a base depot on the moraine at Hell’s Gate.
8.       Summer Sledging. (Jan–Feb 1912) —the prelude to being abandoned. (Currently being edited)
9.       That winter in a snow cave. (March-Oct 1912).  (currently being prepared)
10.   Sledging Home. (Oct-Nov 1912).  (most of the material on hand)

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