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Photograph Interpretation: entrance Boomerang Glacier

The following is my interpretation of photograph  p48-14-173 from the SPRI – Freezeframe  collection .

My description of scene.

A view, across the entrance to the Boomerang Glacier and south down the  Browning Pass, from high on the  northern side of the entrance to the glacier.  Mount Abbott can be seen as the highest peak in the centre top of the picture.  This photograph was taken, by Levick, on the 20 January, 1912  during the climb by Campbell, Levick, and  Dickason.  The photograph also shows the position where on the 12 January the Northern Party camped during their travel up the Browning Pass.  The campsite was near the end of the curved moraine in the centre of the photo.

FreezeFrame Documentation accompanying the photo.

Reference: P48/14/173
Title: Boomerang Glacier
Description: glass plate negative
Collection: British Antarctic Expedition 1910-13 (Levick Collection)
Summary text: View looking down on glacier.
Date: 1912
Keywords: glaciers
Location: Antarctica, Ross Dependency
Photographer: Levick, George Murray

Position from where the photo was taken.
The following two illustrations show five features marked on the photograph and  their corresponding position on a Google Earth view of the Boomerang  Glacier– Browning Pass junction.

Included  on the second image are the solid red lines representing the camera’s angle of view. The peak in the centre top, marked D, is Mount Abbott.  These two images show the photograph was taken from the heights above the northern side of the Boomerang Glacier. 

Date Photo was taken.
 The  photograph was taken  on 20 January, 1912.  On this date  the Northern Party had split up into two groups, one lead by Priestley and the other by Campbell. Campbell’s group climbed  the northern  side of the entrance to the Boomerang Glacier.  This is the only time such a climb is mentioned.

The Photographer.
Levick.  With Campbell that day was Levick and  Dickason.  Levick being the photographer it is reasonable to assume he was the photographer.

Associated photos
Other photos taken during the climb and from roughly the same position are:
 P48-14-171,  P48-14-172.
Photographs taken at the glacier level and including the entrance to the Boomerang Glacier are: P48-14-115, P54-16-271, P54-16-272, P54-16-386kk.

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